The 9 Different Advantages To Video Advertising

Video Advertising

A lot of marketers are wondering whether or not placing a significant amount of their focus on video advertising is a good idea. The fact is, if you aren’t currently using video advertising heavily in your marketing mix, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Below, you will find some of the biggest reasons as to why this is the case.

1. More Consumers Are Flocking To Video Than Ever Before

The stats don’t lie and they show that consumers are watching more video than ever before. This is one of the biggest benefits of video advertising and one you shouldn’t ignore. As many as 92% of Business-to-Business prospects watch videos online. Nearly 4 billion YouTube videos are watched daily. Around 1/3 of all consumers will watch a video and purchase a product after doing so.

2. Videos Lead To Higher Conversions

As mentioned, video is something that converts at an extremely high rate. Some of the largest marketplaces in the world including eBay and Amazon have reported that using video within a product’s description was able to maximize the chances that a prospective customer would purchase that item by a whopping 35%.

3. They Are Highly Shareable

Another reason why video is such a powerful medium for marketers has to do with its shareability nature. The fact is, a lot of people who view a video will be interested in sharing it. If they enjoyed it or found it entertaining, they are going to look to share it with others including their followers on social media. As many as 700 videos are shared by different Twitter users every single minute. Therefore, your ability to get your video out there and viewed by others skyrockets when you use video.

4. Video Advertising Does Extremely Well On Mobile

A lot of people watch videos on their mobile devices. The number of people actively using mobile devices for their primary browsing habits is increasing exponentially. One of the most powerful statistics for those looking to get into video advertising is that nearly 88% of short videos at a maximum duration of 30 seconds are watched completely across mobile devices. This number isn’t nearly as high on desktop or laptop counterparts.

5. Video Is A Great Format For Education and Sharing Information

Another big reason video is so powerful is since it appeals to various senses. With video, you get to incorporate both visual and audio elements. This can appeal to more different types of

learners. It can be a great way to showcase informational material for your product or service.

6. Search Engine’s Love Video

Another big reason you need to be on video has to do with the help it can provide within the search engines. Getting your website ranking as high as possible within the search engines is important. One of the things that you get when you create a video is a boost in the search engines. Not only that, but because you can post videos across different social media platforms, it increases the visibility of your website or brand based on that alone.

7. Convey More Information

When you create a video, you can convey a lot more information than you normally would. You will be able to say a lot more in a shorter period with video as compared to text-based content. It’s a much more engaging medium which means you can share more in a shorter period.

8. Video Tells A Good Story

Video delivers a greater emotional impact than what you could deliver with any other medium. With video, it’s much more personable. People feel like they know you. You can deliver a much more powerful story with video. All of these things help make it the best medium to tell your brand’s story.

9. Good Analytics

With video, you will have the analytics that you can use to see how your content is performing. This can give you good information that you can leverage in future content creation. You will know who is watching your content, where it is coming from, and more.

If you aren’t convinced with all of these benefits of video advertising, there is one more that should give you the push you need. The fact is, your competition is likely heavily investing in video advertising themselves. Therefore, if you want to avoid losing significant market share and visibility in the marketplace, you need to be investing equally into your video advertising efforts.