Top ten fun basketball games

Top ten fun basketball games
Top ten fun basketball games

1. NBA 2K

The most famous pc-side basketball game is the nba2k series. There is no one. The first version was released on November 10, 1999. You can imagine its popularity until the release of “NBA 2K21” in 2020. This series of works has With the omni-directional NBA experience, exquisite player artificial intelligence and signature moves, users can experience the subtleties of basketball through meticulous and precise operations, and appreciate the beauty of basketball tactics.


“Nba live” can be said to be the only NBA basketball game that can compete with “NBA2K”. It has fallen in love with the 2K series for many years. Since EA launched “NBA LIVE 95” in 1995, this game has become EA’s best The popular basketball game brand even dominated the market trend of basketball games in the 1990s. The biggest advantage of this game is the exquisite and exquisite game graphics. The unique signature actions of the stars are realistic, and the system AI can reflect the emotions of each player. In the game, EA SPORTS fully demonstrated the “Superstar Free Style”. If you prefer NBA basketball mobile games, you can also choose “NBA LIVE Mobile”. 

3. Street Basket

Among the top ten basketball mobile game rankings, “Street Basket” is also a game that many friends love to play. It is different from other single-player or card-based sports-themed mobile games. “Street Basket” 3V3 real-time battle competitive gameplay brings players A fun and realistic basketball game experience. Players can choose what they like and are good at from the center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard, and point guard positions to define their initial role. The ability and appearance of the role will be Varies with different choices. 

4. Slam Dunk

If you are also a fan of “Slam Dunk”, the basketball mobile game recommended by Maigoo editor is this “Slam Dunk Genuine Authorized Mobile Game”. The game is the Xiangbei High School basketball team joined by Sakuragi Flower Road. Under the leadership of others, starting from the regional trials, the story of bravely breaking into the national high school league Kanagawa prefecture qualifiers. During the course of playing, players will surely recall the youth that they once chased. Each role in the game is different in terms of operation. The skill of each skill, the connection and continuity of each skill depends on how you use it. The operation is simple, and the player does not need to spend too much time and energy to experience most of the content of the game. 

5. NBA Carnival

NBA Carnival is also a highly popular NBA basketball game. The game features a variety of big-headed NBA players and exaggerated and funny expressions. Players can experience the fun-filled 2 VS 2 mode and watch the game one by one. NBA players continue to make all kinds of exaggerated and funny slam dunks, which is really fun, and the big-headed players are not expressionless. Depending on the situation of the game, they will do A variety of classic facial expressions, combined with a big-headed look, make it even more funny.

6. NBA 2k online

If you can’t play “nba2k”, then the “nba2k onlin” series is the preferred alternative. The operation settings are similar to other mainstream sports games. It can be said that almost all actions on the real court are in “NBA2KOL”. It can be achieved through autonomous operation, and the button settings for these operations, especially the combination button settings for advanced operations, are more user-friendly and intuitive. They basically inherit the game mode and operating system of the NBA2K series, and weaken the picture. The quality and part of the cumbersome operation provides convenience for more players.

7. Stickman Basketball

“Stickman Basketball” is a world-wide smash hit basketball game. Stickman will be transformed into a basketball player. All kinds of cool basketball skills and movements are readily available. The effect is very NBA star feeling. With big hats and violent frame dunks, each action is very interesting. During the game, the player can control several stickmen to pass the ball. When entering the game, you can see a scene. The player has to choose his team and the opponent’s ball. The team started the game. It was simple and easy to use. Although there is no gorgeous picture, it is really fun.

8. Street Basketball

The game “Street Basketball” tells the story of street basketball enthusiasts from all over the world who gather in the youth arena of street basketball to compete with each other. Street basketball enthusiasts from all over the world come to the streets and throw away all kinds of cumbersome things. The rules, in the streets and alleys, follow the rhythm of hip-hop, and enjoy free basketball together. Players can play various players, compete with other players, and restore the real basketball arena. The basketball rules are not much different from the real wild court. Like mobile basketball stand-alone games, you can also choose the mobile version.

9. Fantasy Basketball Manager

If you like to play basketball business mobile games, the editor of Maigoo recommends this “Fantasy Basketball Manager”. This is “Fantasy Basketball Manager” is the world’s first NBA real-time strategy game, in which the player acts as an NBA ball. The role of team manager, manage players, hire staff, set lineup and tactics, conduct command in the game, and compete online with basketball geniuses from all over the world, so that players can fully demonstrate the qualities and abilities needed to operate and manage a team during the game. , And eventually become an outstanding basketball manager.

10. NBA Dream Team

“NBA Dream Team” is the first mobile basketball game officially authorized by the NBA. The game’s graphics performance is very good, and the performance of the game is also very interesting. The task system is divided into main task, daily, league and activity tasks4 Among them, daily tasks are tasks that players have to do every day. Slowly level by level, you will win more challenging levels. Although it is a card game, the graphics in the game give people a strong visual experience. , Whether it is from a fantastic cutscene at the beginning of the game, or from the fierce confrontation on the scene of the game during the game, the combination of real and virtual gives players a more perfect visual experience.

11. Youth Basketball

“Youth Basketball” is a fun mobile basketball game. The game adopts the operation method of the world’s big server. All players play in the same server. Friends can play black without worrying about friends who are not on the same server. The problem is that as a basketball mobile game that focuses on fair competition, it has made a lot of effort to ensure the fairness of the game, and it also has some small features of its own in terms of sound and picture. The picture style of the youth campus and the variety of skills matching bring players a sense of An unparalleled game experience. 

12. The Strongest NBA

“The Strongest NBA” is authorized by the NBA. It has a lineup of NBA stars, real and delicate graphics and lively battle scenes. You can control the audience anytime, anywhere, and feel the real NBA confrontation. The gameplay is based on competitive battles between players. Play 3V3 six-player real-time street battles, or 1V1 team battles and other PVP matches. You can also choose how to play the game. After meeting the conditions, you can participate in the game’s qualifying match, etc., by selecting and training each star Players can form their own unique and exclusive team, so that players can truly have a “basketball addiction” in mobile games.