Help children build self-confidence with companionship, and family share notebooks to build consensus between husband and wife

Help children build

 In the busy life, faced with big and small matters or emotions, text and verbal communication have gradually become our daily routine. I hope that any decision we make will be well thought out.

Communicate briefly before going to bed to enhance family relationships

     My wife and I write down life events in words every day. After the daughters go to bed, we share with each other what we each hear about their daily school life. Although we only talk about 15 minutes each time, it is this short 15 minutes that allows us to understand each other better, and the relationship between husband and wife and parent-child becomes closer, which helps the growth of family members.

     One day last month, my wife took her daughter from school. The teacher mentioned to my wife that my daughter’s performance in school group life is less personal and susceptible to others. When a question comes up, she obviously will Not confident, dare not continue to answer. For a child with this personality, the teacher said that he hopes parents can help pay attention to her friendship status. If the friends are all positive and help her future development, we can be more at ease.

     For the teacher’s reminder, we feel very gratified. At least we know the situation of the children’s group life. If we find a problem, we can find a way to solve it. We will slowly build up the child’s self-confidence through daily guidance. Today’s children are in an era of information explosion, and the school environment is very different from the past. There are many ways to build self-confidence, but we all agree that finding the right way is the most important.

The best education is by example and companionship

     My daughter is a child who loves to laugh. I believe that with a good start, she will become more and more confident in the future, because husband and wife and parent-child relationship are connected, and the communication and tacit understanding between husband and wife have a great influence on parenting. Family sharing notebooks, let our lives develop in a better direction!