KeepABit 2021 Reviews | Can you trust KeepABit as crypto exchanging platform?

2020 ended with the Crypto market surging and breaking records that it had made a couple of years ago. 2021 started with Crypto rising to even higher values as a result of the pandemic still not passing over. In the first weeks of the new year, many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc rose to record levels. Bitcoin itself came back from a crash it experienced a few years back. So, what caused this record rise? Well, the reason why I hesitated to invest in crypto was that there was no central exchange system that was standardized for the financial markets. 

Come 2021, the system has begun to take shape with thousands of crypto exchanging platforms now available on the internet. Crypto exchange platforms have been around ever since cryptocurrencies entered the mainstream marketplace. However, I was not aware of such exchangers and did not want to risk my assets for fear of loss.  There are so many exchanging platforms on the internet these days that it has become very difficult for me to choose which platform I should sign up to. This is a critical choice since it involves investing money into an account that you may or may not be able to use depending upon the reliability of the platform itself. 

When I chose to become a cryptocurrency dealer. I faced a lot of problems. There was only a handful of exchanging platforms and there weren’t many reviews about these platforms. I had to figure out which platform was reliable all by myself by signing up for individual platforms and checking which served me best as a dealer in cryptocurrencies.  I had to spend some of my funds to determine which was best for me, but it was worth it because I was able to find a reliable crypto exchanging platform that was not only reputed in the industry but had also been dealing with cryptocurrencies for a long time.  This platform was KeepABit and I have been using it as my daily exchanging platform ever since I signed up. 

Why I Chose KeepABit?

You might be wondering why I would choose a single platform when other platforms are considerably cheaper and offer similar tools. Well, an exchanging platform’s service quality isn’t determined by their account prices and tools but rather how they offer these tools. Many platforms may offer a similar platform, but they might not upgrade their systems as technology evolves. 

This puts you as a dealer in a tight spot. You can’t leave the platform since your business is now dependent on it and you can’t stay on it either because its tools have become outdated. There are a few factors that I compared with other platforms which helped me decide why KeepABit was the right option for me as a dealer. These factors are;

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Crypto support
  • How to sign up


Considering that cryptocurrencies are expected to take over the world’s financial system and replace it with a decentralised system, the necessity of a secure system is obvious. An exchanging platform requires account information and personal details that I had to share as I wanted to set up a transaction using their platform. Even though cryptocurrencies are not the dominant currencies in the world right now, they are still responsible for billions of dollars of exchanges that are occurring every day. This showed me how important it is to keep the data about client accounts secure and locked away. If any outside source were able to access sensitive client information, then it would be a huge blow to the reputation of an exchanging platform. 

In my opinion, any platform that compromises their security system and fails to stay ahead of potential leaks or hackers cannot be trusted and I would suggest you stay away from such platforms even if they offer cheaper prices. Affordability is not a suitable replacement for security. If your mindset is to get the cheapest product instead of getting the best price to performance product then you have a lot to learn before you can become a crypto exchange dealer. 

As I was once a beginner myself, I understand the frustration you can face when searching for platforms that fulfil the necessary security requirements. The reason I chose KeepABit was because of their commitment to providing regular updates to their systems depending upon industry research. This way they have been able to keep hackers at bay and have yet to experience any significant incident where the data of their clients was left unsecured. 


Even when I was a beginner in the crypto exchanging business, I knew that the crypto markets are always fluctuating. The only way I could make a profit is by knowing when to make transactions. A platform has to be always in an operating condition no matter where you are in the world. Dealers travel the world to make commitments with their clients. They require uninterrupted access to their accounts on exchange platforms to make transactions if they see an opportunity. 

When a dealer is on an overseas trip the chances of the crypto market dynamics shifting are large, it’s not a coincidence it just how crypto works at the time. I came across KeepABit when I was in a region where the exchange platform was not based from. However, I was able to sign up just as easily because KeepABit has placed multiple servers in different regions around the world to ensure that their customers are not disenfranchised when they go to different regions. This server network is not as widespread as I would like it to be, and some regions are still absent from their network. However, KeepABit has made sure that their networks cover the world’s financial hubs and they do have active plans to expand their support network. 

Crypto support

KeepABit is one of the few crypto exchanges that are reliable and trustworthy when it comes to actual real-time transactions. They offered me support for different types of cryptocurrencies of which the most popular are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other cryptocurrencies are available on this platform as well. Even though KeepABit has a relatively larger crypto catalogue than some of its competitors, it is missing some cryptocurrencies that have entered the mainstream market. Crypto cannot be successful if it does not have exchange support. KeepABit has been in talks with multiple blockchain owners to offer access to their customers and increase the number of cryptocurrencies currently offered on their platform. But due to my preference for Ethereum and Bitcoin, I did not face any issues.

Customer care

I have always known the KeppABit platform to be friendly and professional whenever I need their assistance. Their customer support team is always active during financial business hours and is willing to help resolve any issue regarding the services they provide. I remember being in a situation where a significant transaction was at risk of crashing and I contacted the customer support team. Their panel of experts was able to figure out the main issue and my transaction was able to go through without any further hitches. The issue had occurred due to a glitch in my network, but the support team was still kind enough to assist me in my time of need.  

How to sign up?

If you do end up choosing KeepABit as your daily exchanging platform then here are the steps, I suggest you follow to have a streamlined experience when signing up. I went to their homepage and selected the register option. Entered my details according to the requirements. Don’t worry about security, KeepABit has a reputation among its customer base for its high-tech security systems and they will without a doubt work to keep this reputation intact. 

Once I entered my bio-details and also gave my financial details as required, I was good to go. I transferred the funds necessary for completing the registration either in AUS, USD, or EUR. This fee is relatively small as compared to the potential profits you will get when you use the tools at your disposal via this new account. Congrats, you are officially part of the KeepABit family now and you can utilize the available tools whenever you want. 

Closing argument

Not every platform is perfect. Flaws will always exist and sometimes the issues that do occur are not the platform’s fault. You can’t blame Netflix if you accidentally pull the plug from your internet connection. KeepABit has its drawbacks but that’s what makes it a good platform. They are always learning from any setbacks and are constantly updating their systems. 

My only advice to you is, be mindful of the price. If it is too good, then it might not be true to providing security and quality. Price does not necessarily help us determine the quality of a product. Experience helps determine the actual quality from a user’s perspective. That is what this review is. It is my perspective on how KeepABit has treated me as an avid user.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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