How rank multi niche general blogs idea about multi niche general niche blog

Ranking your niche blog in Google has become a bit of a hard work. So much so that Google has announced a new algorithm update that will make it even more difficult for niche bloggers.So what does this mean for you? Well, it means that your blog will need to be more specific in the way it is written and based on factual information. It also means that your blog must be more than just an aggregation of other blogs that appear in the same area, it must be something you know ranking basic is seo of keywords .There is no doubt about it.micro niche blog is easier rank vs general some steps i tell you how rank general niche blog.

1.Onpage seo of multi niche general blog

you need onpage seo of general blogs.first need add category with descriptions. minimum need 5 post each category.and choice one category for write articles. that conditions you need work on one niche . you need consider for some your work one niche blog . if you rank in one niche your boost all niche auto. but you need work on one niche still you achieve your target .nest step i tell you about all factor that help ranking your general blog.

2. Offpage SEO of multi niche general blog

Offpage seo base of high quality backlinks .uses of backlinks in ranking general blog or niche blog 3 kinds .one is you need increase your moz domian domain authority. increase your moz DA have two way. if you join guest post backlinks on high da website .

you need big investment you need buy 1000 guest post each post $5 then your DA increase 50. but all website must DA 50 if you take from guest post backlinks. any blog or website have minimum DA 20 in 6 months otherwise your website show spam score . if increase spam score more you goes penalize your website .

but my suggestion for increase moz DA visit service of increase moz DA. your DA increase in some days 50 plus with increase spam score . and 2nd factor is DR called domian ratings by ahrefs .next question is how to increase DR . so you need visit this service buy increase high DR website . each post unique mean you get one link from one website not two DR backlinks from one website.last 3rd factor use keywords as anchor get backlinks for keywords difficulty for rank article url backlinks

3. Article seo for multi niche general blogs

everyone knows about article SEO mean how to write a good article. SEO articles have many terms but first unique here I want to tell you about SEO articles. you need to find your competitor’s article words.

if your competitors have 1000 words of article you need 1500 words. because google considers you have maximum words google understands you have a good idea you want to be defined in more detail. if you have follow links in your article must recheck one by one. if google find your have broken links . that bad effect on user experience so your ranking goes down if broken links found in your post.

4. Safe your multi niche blog from spam score

nowadays every 2nd website has Moz spam score issue. In backlinks, the market has some groups that duty any website that small attack but effected attack on any website. I am really sorry about that problem solved fast not possible. so you need to check your website spam score if you find spam or bad quality backlinks on your website you need to disavow in google.

otherwise, your ranking loss and if spam scores more increase that end is your website penalized from Google. that method your all spam link in .txt file upload in google and your spam score reduced on tools test 3 to 6 months and your website safe from the first day after upload disavow file in google if you do not understand this method. you can buy on cheap price service for reducing spam score.

How do full seo your blogs for ranking

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