Videos Have a Huge Influence Over Consumer Decision Making


People usually think that the most important moment  in a sale is when a customer makes the payment. But in reality, when it comes to how to influence consumer behaviour, every single parameter in the consumer decision making process plays a crucial role. If businesses want to maximize profit, it’s imperative that they understand every stage in the buying process.

Video continues to be an important tool to connect, and engage with your audiences – but with the majority of brands shifting their offerings online, it’s expected that consumers habits are not what they used to be.

So, what are consumers searching for now, and are videos still influencing their purchase decisions? To provide a clear insight, I would like to give reference of a recent survey carried out by Animoto on 580 consumers. 

Following are some of their key discoveries:

Around 93% of consumers accepted video is beneficial when purchasing a product.

Consumers generally agreed that video was their number one preference for content from brands on social media.

The top three channels that consumers use to find the most new products or services are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

When learning about a new product or service, Consumers usually prefer videos over texts about a product or looking at photos, especially when they want to learn about a new product, or service. 

It’s not too difficult to understand why video is so popular these days. The most important reason is, it’s an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the tsunami of textual information online. This is precisely why the world reportedly watches billions of YouTube social videos per day. 

Moreover, those who are thinking of digital marketing careers should have a complete understanding of the power of video as a marketing tool.It’s not because they might be interested in making interesting videos, but because they’ll probably need to learn to include video into their content in to remain competitive.

Let’s find out about some best practices for creating and sharing videos, and highlight the key reasons why video is so crucial to your decision-making .

But why video?

Video is one of the most versatile and engaging content formats that not only gives us a true picture of what is going on; it’s also comparatively easier to share across multiple  channels. Consumers love it since it’s easy to digest, engaging, and entertaining. Also marketers like it because it gives a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels.

Video is also easily accessible to those with internet access, both to watch and to produce.  There is a definite trend towards producing higher quality video on a professional level. So, anyone can open their laptop and create their own video in under 60 minutes. In fact, there is a new social app called Connected India that uses short videos quite innovatively. This is a key reason why this newly launched channel has become such a huge rage in a short time.

Plenty of choices for Video

There are different types of videos available, and creating an effective content marketing strategy means possessing a good understanding of your purpose before you sit down and create the video. Therefore, you would ideally want to make sure that both type of videos and the channel purpose fit the objective of the video itself.