3 ideas for creating an unforgettable event

Meeting professionals are motivated by a desire to provide their attendees with an unforgettable experience. Planners are creative thinkers that organise events with the intention of appealing to attendees, whether it be great decorations, exceptional live entertainment, or even providing a unique food.

Meeting professionals now have more chances than ever to engage and excite attendees, thanks to the comeback of in-person events and new technology developed for hybrid and remote platforms. Justin Zebell, president and CEO of Streamline Event Agency and Joinin, gives five recommendations for meeting professionals to create an unforgettable experience for guests.

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1. Use a Consistent Theme

Zebell emphasises the importance of a theme in helping guests comprehend the goal of the event and the brand essence–from the minute they decide to attend to long after they leave. He emphasises the need of asking your client, “What do you want the attendees to feel?” as a meeting professional. “How do you want the attendees to feel?”

In the virtual world, having a constant theme is equally important since people want to understand why they are devoting time to attend a virtual event.

2. Utilize a “Guide”

Using a guide is one of the most effective ways to focus on ROI while also engaging and entertaining participants. The goal of most events is to convey a message, whether it’s about a new technology product or the latest finance programme.

Zebell describes how “The guide is intended to reorient customers as they retain content while also delivering enjoyment…We use the phrase guide because we’re basically saying, “This is a big wide world of meetings you’re going through, and we’re going to guide you through being able to walk away from it contently.”

3. Focused Hospitality 

The ultimate purpose of hospitality is to provide individuals with a positive and memorable experience. Events and conferences frequently include representatives from all four areas of the hospitality industry: entertainment and recreation, food and beverage, accommodation, and travel and tourism. Zebell outlines how they attempt to reproduce the small intimate moments of hospitality that you could encounter at a friend’s house and scale them up to a large-scale approach.

This could be a personalised present waiting for you in your hotel room when you arrive, or it could simply be a friendly greeting from an event official. Anything that can be done to make attendees feel valued and cared for is a crucial part of any event.

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