Boost Traffic With Video Marketing

Video marketing is considered to be the most preferred form of online marketing today. The rise of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), especially YouTube, has seen a sharp rise in video content consumption, forcing marketers to take this route. According to research, YouTube is the second most popular search engine today, after Google. Today, many people would rather watch a video clip about a product than read an entire page of the same. This is because videos are easier to understand, and the creator can pass on the intended message without taking too much of the consumer’s time. People across the world thus consume billions of hours every day watching video content on Facebook Watch, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram TV, among other platforms. You, too, can take advantage of video marketing to get your product or business known to the world. All you need is to visualize your story/idea by creating influential videos.

You can choose to either use a video production company to help create your videos or decide to do it yourself. One of the benefits of using such companies is that they have the gear and technical know-how to create engaging and impactful video content aimed at building and marketing your brand. You, however, don’t have to spend top dollar to have the videos produced and uploaded. All you need is to borrow a few ideas from these companies and get creative. Here are a few tips and tricks on creating and using video content to boost sales and traffic to your business/website.

1. Use A Captivating And Engaging Thumbnail

Your target audience will want something to go by before they can click or watch the video. A carefully crafted thumbnail serves this purpose exceptionally well. The thumbnail can be created to provide a sneak peek of what the video is about. It can be a specific part of the video too. Video production companies strategically create these thumbnails in such a way that:

– Short and attractive

– Serve as a teaser for the video

– It influences the viewers’ emotions and human interaction.

2. Create A Social Buzz On Social Media

The first step to a successful video marketing campaign is to create a social buzz on social media. You thus want your video to trend online, especially on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Snapchat. A trending video has a higher probability of receiving lots of traffic and converting them into leads than a dormant one. As long as you can get people to appreciate and talk about your video, the chances of it trending are high. You will, however, need to do the following to achieve this:

– Create and upload high-quality and engaging video content about your product or brand

– Use hashtags to optimize the clip on social media

– Reach out to influencers to help promote the video and your brand in general.

3. Ensure Your Website Is SEO-Friendly

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in how fast search engines can find your content online and display it alongside related content or videos. It would thus be advisable to optimize your website for both search engine bots and organic audiences. Experts also recommend optimizing your video file metadata with carefully selected keywords to make it visible to search engines too. This creates a video sitemap for whenever a related search is entered.

4. Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Most people today use their smartphones to consume online content. Smartphones have become an essential part of the modern lifestyle, with users using them for almost everything from making payments, browsing the internet, to watching video content online. That said, you want to ensure your website and video content are compatible with the limited mobile screen area. You may also want to adjust the video playtime to keep the audience engaged without taking too much of their time.

5. Add Call-to-Action

Always add a call to action whenever creating or uploading a video. Doing so will help direct more traffic to your website or business.

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