How Far Can Cycrown Electric Bikes Go on One Charge?


As the demand for eco-friendly transportation options continues to rise, electric bikes (e-bikes) have gained immense popularity. Cycrown, a reputable brand in the e-bike industry, offers two exceptional electric bike models, the CycUltra and CycFree. One of the most crucial factors for potential e-bike buyers is understanding the range an e-bike can cover on a single charge. In this article, we will explore the range capabilities of Cycrown’s electric bikes, the CycUltra and CycFree, to help you make an informed decision when choosing your ideal e-bike.

CycUltra Electric Bike

The CycUltra is a high-performance electric bike designed to cater to various riding needs, from daily commuting to off-road adventures. It is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery and a robust electric motor, which work in perfect harmony to deliver an impressive range on a single charge.

  1. Battery Capacity: The CycUltra features a high-capacity battery, typically ranging from 500Wh to 750Wh, depending on the specific model and configuration you choose.
  2. Range: With its high-capacity battery, the CycUltra can cover an impressive distance of up to 50 to 100 miles on a single charge. The actual range may vary based on factors such as rider weight, terrain, and pedal-assist levels.
  3. Pedal Assist: The CycUltra offers multiple levels of pedal assist, allowing you to choose the level of assistance you need. A higher pedal assist level can extend your range, while a lower level can provide more exercise and reduce power consumption.
  4. Regenerative Braking: Some CycUltra models come with regenerative braking systems, which can recover energy during braking and further extend the range.

CycFree Electric Bike

The CycFree is another outstanding electric bike model from Cycrown, designed with a focus on urban commuting and recreational riding. While the CycFree may have a slightly smaller battery compared to the CycUltra, it still offers a respectable range for most riders.

  1. Battery Capacity: The CycFree typically features a battery with a capacity ranging from 400Wh to 500Wh.
  2. Range: On a single charge, the CycFree can cover a range of approximately 25 to 50 miles. As with the CycUltra, the actual range can be influenced by factors such as terrain and rider input.
  3. Lightweight Design: The CycFree’s lightweight design makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a portable and easily maneuverable e-bike. This design also ensures a reasonable range while maintaining an efficient and eco-friendly ride.


When choosing an electric bike, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and the terrain you’ll be riding on. Both the CycUltra and CycFree from Cycrown offer impressive ranges on a single charge, making them suitable for various purposes.

The CycUltra is an excellent choice for riders seeking a versatile e-bike with a longer range, while the CycFree is perfect for urban commuting and shorter recreational rides. Remember that the actual range may vary depending on factors such as terrain, rider weight, and pedal-assist levels. Regardless of your choice, Cycrown’s electric bikes provide eco-friendly, efficient, and convenient transportation options for the modern rider.

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