How to transfer files from Mac to Mac

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After several years of developing macOS applications, we have developed a tool that anyone can use.

The Mac’s all-purpose issue solver.So, here’s some advice for you: To easily fix some of the problems highlighted in this article, download CleanMyMac. But we’ve compiled our best suggestions and solutions below to assist you in doing it all on your own.There are many ways available if you need to transfer files from one Mac to another.

Your decision will be influenced by a variety of factors, including the location of the Macs, whether they are both logged into the same iCloud account, and the volume of data you wish to transfer.It also matters why you’re moving data from one Mac to another.

Do you wish to transfer some files from one Mac to another, or are you starting from fresh with a new Mac? Share Files Of Any Size With A Filemail

How to transfer data from Mac to Mac

We’ve outlined a variety of situations in which you might want to transfer files from one Mac to another. Decide which one best describes your circumstance, then follow the instructions.

Setting up a new Mac

Your initial option should be Migration Assistant if you’re configuring a new Mac from scratch and need to move files from your pre-existing Mac.

It facilitates wireless data transfer between two Macs that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and located close to one another. You can pick and select which settings and application data to migrate.

When you set up a new Mac, Migration Assistant should begin automatically. If not, you can manually launch it from Applications > Utilities.

Two Macs on the same desk

Target disc mode is a fantastic choice if you’re not switching to a new Mac and simply want to pick the files you want to move from one Mac to another.

When two Macs are connected through a Thunderbolt cable and one is powered on while the other is holding down the T key, the second Mac sees the booted Mac as a volume. Read this article from Apple to find out more about data sharing if one of them is a Mac that uses Apple silicon.

You can just drag and drop files from it once you’re in this mode, just like you would with a typical external disc.

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