Kiosks In Many Industries

There is no question that India is a vast nation with a massive population. However, guiding, informing, and managing people in public spaces, events, or huge crowds is not always easy. Because of our huge linguistic and cultural variety, it is more difficult than ever for staff or other committed labor to do these jobs manually. As a result, there will inevitably be communication gaps when it comes to understanding the other person’s requirements while guiding them, particularly if they are outsiders who do not speak the regional language.

With our cutting-edge Patient Check-In Kiosk, you can streamline your healthcare experience. Say goodbye to lengthy lines and paperwork headaches. Patients may now check in fast and securely, easily giving vital information. Discover the future of healthcare management and the advantages of effective self-service technologies. Simplify your path to improved health.

Linkitsoft’s come in handy here. Not every location hires somebody particularly to guide tourists. So, kiosks can now execute their jobs better than humans and more efficiently. Kiosks can significantly assist Indians from all walks of life in finding precisely what they’re searching for. We have picked the machines that have the most promise and will have the greatest future influence in the following Indian market sectors:

Medical Industry

Hospitals are one of the most essential use cases for kiosks, since they can aid a large number of patients and visitors that come in every day. For anybody searching for instructions to their destination, wayfinding kiosks can steer them in the proper path. They may assist advise individuals in their native regional language in medical wards, even if they struggle to speak the local language. This is particularly important if the patient has gone to the hospital from another state where the languages are not the same.

An automated first aid box or vending machine may be put right outside the hospital to swiftly dispense bandages, medications, or other first aid products for emergency needs, eliminating the need to enter the hospital or medical store and contact with people. This function is useful at government hospitals, where patients who come in on a regular basis to collect free pills may acquire them straight from the automatic dispensing kiosks if their identity is verified. With our Visitor Management Kiosk, you can improve the security and efficiency of your facility. Our cutting-edge digital kiosk streamlines visitor check-in and registration, assuring a smooth admission experience. Say goodbye to paper badges and logbooks. You can easily control and monitor visitor access using our system, offering a safer and more structured environment for your visitors.

Transportation Industry

The transportation industry in India is something of a forerunner when it comes to kiosk implementation, since Indian railroads already has vending machines and kiosks in place at multiple stations around the country, which customers use to make payments, issue tickets, and so on.

Kiosks may also be utilized at bus terminals and bus stops to swiftly and effectively book tickets. Furthermore, bus schedules, seat availability, current location, and other information may be viewed at a glance when presented on digital signs.

Banking Industry

Kiosks are still commonly utilized in banks today, and they have served customers with great success over the last several years.

Aside from the standard bank ATM machine, newer versions may handle additional services such as cash withdrawal, deposit, passbook input, PIN changing, and bank-to-bank money transfers. Aside from this, several additional automations and smart equipment are used in banks to simplify the whole procedure.

With this area functioning as a springboard, we expect to see similar success in other industries in the near future as they follow suit.

Tourism and the Retail Industry

Our kiosks can assist greatly with access management, crowd monitoring, and automated ticket selling in major community parks, theme parks, botanical gardens, event centers, tourist attractions, and other recreational zones. This finally offers greater security while also speeding up the admission procedure, avoiding lengthy lines and crowds at the ticket office.

Wayfinding kiosks may come in handy when a tourist becomes disoriented in huge, new regions like major parks or even supermarkets and malls, acting as a smarter version of the standard “You are here” sign.

Smart ration cards may be used at ration stores to reduce lengthy lines and save time for both parties. The consumer may use their ration card to authenticate their identification, make a purchase, receive the token, and then put it into a vending machine, which will then distribute their commodities to them. Everything is done automatically and without the need for the shopkeeper’s assistance. With our cutting-edge Kiosk Software, you can unlock the full potential of your digital kiosk. Our easy-to-use, interactive platform enables seamless modification, ensuring that your kiosk suits your exact requirements. Our software enables your kiosk to give a better customer experience, from self-service check-ins to information displays. Experience the future of automation and engage your audience in ways they have never been engaged before.

Corporate/Office Sector

Registration offices in India are infamous for their lengthy, inefficient procedures and poorly structured and kept documents. By automating the procedures of providing certificates, registering signatures, and so on, kiosks may alleviate all of these concerns.

Furthermore, the procedure of claiming insurance is sometimes lengthy and difficult. However, using kiosks, the majority of the procedure may be automated, from authenticating the person’s identification and data to distributing the appropriate amount.


Surveillance cameras with face recognition and ID card scanners as entry choices may be installed in entrance kiosks for access control into temples, tourist destinations, and other such locations. This may assist detect possible threats ahead of time by cross-referencing with the police database and records, therefore securing the location.

As an example, such access control kiosks may be utilized in a court of law, where only those actively interested in the case are permitted to enter.

It is considerably simpler to justify the use of kiosks if they are multi-functional and support various languages, as well as include extra I/O and accessibility capabilities like voice commands and other interactive features.


With all of the potential use cases that we’ve suggested here, it’s important to remember that it was the Indian government itself that kicked off the idea by identifying kiosks as the logical continuation and proponent of the Digital India movement. Linkitsoft’s, as well as the solution to keep its massive population well-informed and well-managed.

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