Looking ahead: 2022’s top recruitment trends

Every year, the recruitment teams rethink their strategy. The influx of people is often more than what the industry needs and the trends change accordingly. With how the world is changing constantly, it is important for recruiters to step back and rethink their strategies. 

The acquisition trends are sure to change post the Strike, The Great Resignation, and a change over priorities in professional life. Thus, to have a better understanding, let’s have a look at some of the top recruitment trends of 2022.

Specificity of Job

One of the important trends in job recruitment would be employed for specific jobs instead of looking at the broad overview of skills that a person has. Earlier, companies used to hire the ‘jack of all trades. However, with an increasing focus on a certain part of the company profile, it has gotten more important for companies to look into possible employees with a certain skill set.

Employing freelancers, offering new training, and looking at skills will be the new normal for recruitment agencies. 

Tech Innovation

While for a long, employment has been a manual practice, it is time that recruiters will start turning to technology for finding good candidates. The focus is to shift from the manual selection of workers to analyze the work and criteria for the work. Within the recruiters themselves, those who have data analysis skills will be preferred over those who do not.

The focus on quality-based workers instead of passive workers who would get a job due to their degrees would certainly not be a trend of 2022. By creating ads and outreach with the help of automation, recruiters are more probable to find the right people.  

By using different strategies, real-time analytics, insights, and looking at acceptance rates, companies can improve their recruitment rate significantly. 

Skills’ importance

While resumes and experiences did make a big chunk of what companies looked for, this is due to change very soon. According to recent surveys, companies will start to actively look for people whose skill set matches what the company is looking for, rather than the amount of experience they have in the sector.

New-age technologies need new and quick minds to propel the work of digital companies. Importance will be given to candidates who know the front and back of the skills they are applying for.

Over the years, companies have often been filled with passive workers who might not be up to date with the current trades and even refuse to be in touch with the growing trend of the world. The focus would be on developing the teams that can outsource, analyze and employ candidates who showcase skills worth employing.

Hybrid project teams

With the change in work from home environment, it is possible that remote workers, freelancers, and temporary staffers become more important. The Hybrid project teams which can quickly jump on the given work and finish it with accuracy are more important than long-term employment which leads to a slow result.

On the other hand, existing employees can expect to be mixed and matched as is needed for the project and provide better work for the employers. 

Flexibility in Location

Remort working has proved to be a blessing. Many companies have found that people can work for their goals through different areas of the world if they have the required skill set. Thus, there would be much more flexibility in where the employee is being employed from.

Coming to the office might as well be a dream of the past. With remote working and flexible locations, recruiters will focus on the best workers rather than quick workers. It has become clear throughout the pandemic that in-person connection and flexibility are important for employee growth. 

The locations may become hybrid, but can also favor work-from-home to a good extent. 

Overall worker’s well-being

The great exodus in the lockdown has certainly opened many employers’ eyes. They realize that it is not just the financial health of the employee which needs to be taken care of, but mental and physical factors in very well. 

With employees getting a bigger say in salary negotiation, as well as better pay leaves and focus on their health, recruiters will be looking for overall developed workers who can give much to the company. At the same time, expect employees to give back. 

There is also a focus on developing the Company’s culture to have a strong Employer Value Proposition. By having a good EVP, the cost of new recruitment can be decreased by a good percentage, and therefore, taking care of existing employees would be a priority for recruiters.

Retention of employees

While it has been expected that new quick job seekers would be employed, it has come to many recruiters notice that it is more important to retain the existing employees in the company. With the great resignation, recruiters are probably going to focus more on the health and work of employees who are already a part of their companies and work to make their working conditions better.

There is also a possibility of an increase in training programs for the older employees to avoid pressure on the employees to complete a project which is beyond their skill set. Because the market for employees is getting extremely competitive with each passing day, companies are probably going to create career paths for their employees and offer them a stipend for each certification they acquire. 

Diversity and Inclusion

One of the biggest changes that the recruitment industry will do is the diversity in employment. There have been great changes in employing people from different walks of life and ensuring equity in this recruitment, not equality.

There is a growing need for fair representation across different businesses. The profitability of the company may depend on a diverse and well-skilled team. 

Thus are the recruitment trends due in 2022. In case there is something specific you are looking for, see this website to find the best agencies recruiting for Dubai. Keep in mind the growing trends and find what can do the best for you.  

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