Paul Gauguin as a Luxury Cruise

Paul Gauguin cruise owned by pacific Beachcomber is a leader in French Polynesia luxury destinations. It is one of the award-winning luxury cruises.

No other luxury ship in history has ever provided a year-round level of single-destination concentration and competence for such a long period of time.

The Paul Gauguin cruise reviews are very positive and people admit that it provides luxury services.

If you are confused about what is offered in this luxury cruise, read the article. 

Paul Gauguin as a Luxury Cruise

Paul Gauguin’s reviews show that it is a luxury cruise as it offers different facilities and activities. Its environment is quite comfortable.

The Paul Gauguin Cruise’s Fleet

The company’s fleet now consists of only one ship, the “Paul Gauguin.” It was added to the fleet in 2010 and continues to serve the organization today.

However, the order has been issued for two additional ships. The latest order, which will be delivered in 2022, will increase Paul Gauguin’s fleet size.

Paul Gauguin Reviews About Activities

Swimming Pool with Pool Bar

Relax on a plush lounge chair or soak up the sun in the South Pacific. While watching the lovely countryside pass by, stroll over to the Pool Bar and order a drink made with fresh fruit.

Photo Editor

All of your picture needs for commemorating your adventure may be found at the PhotoShop. You’ll find everything you need for photography here, from memory cards to digital cameras. 

You’re not much of a photographer, are you? You may also purchase images shot onboard by Paul Gauguin’s professional photographer of you and your adventure.

Marina for Watersports 

On the lower deck of your ship, you’ll find a full-service watersports marina. Guests can hire a surfboard, launch a kayak, or sign out diving equipment from this location.

La Boutique

Shop for yourself or pick yourself some mementos to take home with you at La Boutique. Tahitian black gem jewelry, Tahitian vanilla, local handicrafts, clothes, and any other necessities may be found at La Boutique.

La Palette

La Palette is a multipurpose venue that includes breakfast refreshment, local Tahiti demonstrations, and a nighttime dance club. La Palette is the perfect setting for a beverage and a night of dancing to enjoy music under the sky.

Spa and Fitness

Onboard the ms Paul Gauguin, you’ll find an award-winning luxury spa. According to the spa’s unmatched approach to spa and beauty, services are tailored to each individual’s demands. 

To give a lovely hideaway from everyday care, the spa combines the art of gentle pampering with a wide spectrum of physical regimens, including health and regeneration. Services include skincare therapies, microdermabrasion, massaged, acupuncture, yoga, body wraps, facials, and aesthetic treatments.

Scuba Diving 

Passengers on the Paul Gauguin have the opportunity to become Scuba certified and participate in diving programs. Dives into reefs rich with exotic species are available to guests in the South Pacific for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Panio Bar and Casino

Casino and Piano Bar

Try your luck at casino classics like poker, lottery, and slot machines every evening of your trip. Relax in the Piano Lounge with a drink after you’ve had your fill of gaming and let the resident pianist ease you to sleep.

Paul Gauguin Cruise Reviews About Dinner Menu 

Delicious, savory cuisine is served onboard Paul Gauguin Cruises, allowing you to sample many of the flavors of the region in which you are sailing.

Le Grill 

In the morning, a breakfast buffet morphs into a casual eatery where you may get your grilled lunch favorites and fresh fruit. Make a reservation for an exclusive tasting meal including Tahitian delights in the evening.


L’Etoile is an attractive dining area with fine linens and fine china where you may enjoy a high-class supper on Paul Gauguin. Fine dining is offered, perfectly coupled with complimentary wines and superb service.

La Veranda

La Veranda offers a delicious breakfast and lunch menu, as well as a la carte items themed by vacation locations, during the day. By night, visitors eat al fresco in world-renowned Chef Jean-Pierre Vigato’s exclusive, reservations-only dining area.

Paul Gauguin Cruise Reviews Fro Common People

Paul Gauguin’s Reviews 1

I’m also looking forward to my third voyage on the PG! We last boarded the ship in April 2007, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t reflect on our two trips and imagine myself on the next one. I’m not a big cruiser, but the PG has just around 320 people, so it’s not like a big cruise ship.

Paul Gauguin’s Reviews 2

There are three restaurants onboard the Paul Gauguin: the main dining room (L’Etoile) and two specialty eateries, La Veranda and Le Grill. You’ll spend one night at each of the specialty restaurants and the rest of your time in L’Etoile on a seven-day tour. 

La Veranda is one of my favorite restaurants, and we ate there twice on our last ten-day trip. It is known for its French cuisine. The seafood/Polynesian lunch at Le Grill is served poolside, so it may be hot. Although it’s merely mediocre, it’s a refreshing change of pace.

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