TFT – what is it?

Everyone has a computer at home, but not everyone knows exactly how it works. An essential part of any computer is a matrix on which the pixel displayed allows you to create pictures. They are divided into active and passive. Modern active models are referred to as TFT.

What is a TFT display?

LCD TFT – in which industrial sectors are they used?

What types of TFT display there are?

What are the benefits of using a TFT display?

Let’s try to understand what a TFT LCD display is and how it is used.

What is a TFT display?

TFT LCD stands for thin film transistor liquid crystal display. It is a more complicated version of LCD displays that, based on three basic colors, red, green and blue, gives the ability to display accurate projections.

LCD TFT – in which industrial sectors are they used?

LCD TFT display is usually used in the industry to create devices that require the highest quality of displays. You can find them, for example, in notebooks or computers. They are also used for the production of video game systems, projectors, mobile phones, navigation systems and many others. Since viewing angles are larger for smartphones or tablets than for example notebooks, TFT is used less often.

What types of TFT display there are?

There are a lot of types of TFT.

A distinction can be made between:

twisted nematic (TN), multi domain vertical alignment (MVA), Patterned vertical alignment (PVA), advanced Super View (ASV), advanced fringe field switching (AFFS), line plan switching (PLS), in-plane switching (IPS), 

TFT Dual-Transistor Pixel (DTP).

What are the benefits of using a TFT display?

There are a number of advantages to using TFT. For example, high speed response time. In addition, they offer brilliant colors and a high quality of the displayed images. In order to that, there is no room for monitoring the ghosting when using TFT. In addition, they guarantee a long function. It is also worth noting that depending on the type, the price of a TFT display may not be as high. This offers the opportunity to use more modern elements in private households. It should also be noted that TFT is often healthier and safer for the eyes.

If you want to learn more about TFT, please read the articles directly about that. For example, you can find out about the electric field in ASV and many others. TFTs are very versatile components, and knowing about them allows you to make the most of the possibilities they offer. There are a lot of positive things about TFT displays from which to draw. It’s definitely worth trying it.

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