5 Signs Someone Is Interested in You

While it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to deduce whether someone likes you or not, it is also very possible when you do some research and take a closer look at the patterns.

Today, I will go through 5 signs that show someone is interested in you based on my research.

1. Pays you insincere compliments

Many people don’t compliment people they like because they think you’re so flawless that they don’t need to remind you about that.

On the other hand, someone who likes you will compliment you at any given opportunity. 

Why? Just to get your attention and to make you smile. They are interested in you for a reason, probably because you’re cute, intelligent, or friendly. They will surely give you a compliment based on one of the characteristics they believe you possess.

2. When They are Flirting

Many people like to send a flirting signal to who they’re interested in, and then when the other person reciprocates, they will make the next step to take it further. 

Try being a little more sociable if you like someone and see if they return the favor. Give an obvious hint and wait to see if it gets reciprocated. Both people will feed off that attraction and want more when there is an attraction.

3. Watch out for Their Eye Gaze

Eye contact triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone released in response to the activation of sensory nerves during sexual activity. When someone is attracted to you, they subconsciously try engaging in mutual eye contact. They do this when they’re interested in you and want to feel closer to you.

Keep in mind that some people will maintain a steady eye gaze just as a sign of respect or confidence. But if they are interested in you, the pattern their eyes make will depend. You will see the spark in their eyes contact or a smile, and you might detect it’s an invitation to come over and talk.

4. They tend to always be in your personal space.

When a person likes you or is interested in you, they tend to get into your personal space every now and then. They like to sit close to you, go to the same shop as you, use the same fitness facilities as well. 

They also look at you from afar, even when they are not close by. And when you catch them looking at you, they quickly look away. All these are good signs that this person is into you.

5. They are interested in your personal life.

Someone who is attracted to you is likely to want to get to know more about your family, your work, and your background.

Why you may ask—It’s simply because they are interested in you and want to learn more about you. It is human nature to be curious about something that catches our attention and someday becomes a part of it. 

Someone who likes you will also try to use things about you to get close to you. If they know you like a particular restaurant, they will start going to that restaurant to get close to you. If you like football games and they don’t, they will begin to watch football with the hope of engaging you in a football topic someday.

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