On February 20, an event called Influencer marketing awards was held in Warsaw.

This year, five of the best Influencer marketing agencies were chosen to compete for the title of the best Influencer advertising agency of the year according to Odyssey.

The 2023 Best Agency was Infludesk, which has been shining throughout the media space for a year and has been amazing with its effective solutions and results. 

Infludesk.com – influencer marketing agency connects brands and social media influencers to develop, manage, distribute and optimize influencer marketing campaigns. Infludesk manages campaigns from end to end using customized expertise for each brand’s needs, goals, audience and industry. Infludesk.com is an influencer marketing company with clear industry experience and excels at developing and personalizing campaigns for individual brands and their goals.

Tomasz Wilczak, chief executive officer of the project, said that by the end of the year Infludesk plans to wow the market with its new app, in which it will be possible to order advertising from Influencers YouTube, Instagram, tik-tok, even from the phone, simply by selecting them in the app and specifying all the details. 

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