Best Time to Do Kedarnath yatra- Season Wise

The sacred destination of supreme lord Shiva and the part of “Char Dham” yatra every Indian aspires for this is his life. Due to the high importance of spirituality of this place, it is a must-visit place in India. Not only for pilgrimages but aspiring trekkers and adventures this is going to be a very challenging place. In the past, this place was also known as “Kedar Khand”. Among the 12 Jyotirlinga Kedarnath is the main Jyotirlinga. Surrender yourself in this powerful beauty of nature.

In Winter (October to March)

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As it’s winter time it’s going to be freezing cold and the temple is closed in December due to heavy snowfall. If you are planning your visit in December then you can take darshan at Ukhimath where the lord shiva deity is kept. As  Diwali is also quite happening here the whole temple is decorated with glittering lamps. It’s quite a big event here as the celebrities also visit here during this time to take blessings of Lord Shiva. Due to harsh weather, not many people visit at this time so will get good deals on hotels. So if you are courageous enough and not keen on temple enough this is a good season for you. Also, get prepared for extreme weather and quite a discomfort at this time.

Temperature: From 20 degrees high to 0 degrees low

Know Before You Visit – Be ready for the many roadblocks. Keep your emergency things with you like spare clothes, waterproof woolen gloves, a torch, and extra batteries. Carry healthy options to eat like dry fruits and protein bars.

In Monsoon (July to September)

The weather in the monsoon is quite unforeseeable at Kedarnath. The catastrophic flood in 2013 still reminds us of the damage that’s why the temple remains closed as a precaution. In monsoon, the arid land of Kedarnath turns into lush green hills and fulsome springs can be seen. As in August to September Vinayaka Chaturthi, the festival of the son of lord shiva is celebrated with a lot of eagerness.

Sri Shankaracharya took his Nirwana here at Kedarnath hence Shankaracharya Samadhi is one of the main attractions here. Snow topple can be seen on mountains from a distance. 

Temperature: From 27 degrees high to 12 degrees low

Know Before You Visit – Many adventure seekers will be there already so it will be a bit crowded.

In Summer (April To June)

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This is the finest season when you can visit Kedarnath. Whether you are a spiritual or valorous person in this season you can explore Kedarnath thoroughly. In June you can have exposure to the spectacular Badri Kedar Festival. Summer is the best time to travel over this mythological place. The villages around Kedarnath are also in full bloom to showcase their culture, art, history, and talents. There are many different temples dedicated to gods. 

Temperature: From 30 degrees high to 15 degrees low

Know Before You Visit – This is the peak season for all the visitors hence long waits for everywhere.

As the summer is the great season for this lord shivas place to visit. The days are quite delightful and nights are still quite cold. So, plan according to your taste. But if you want 10 on 10 experience then go for the summer season. Even Monsoon and Winter seasons will give you thrilling happenings here. Don’t just think that it is a pilgrimage site but also good for camping but need to be booked in advance. Plan a visit in advance so that you will get a decent deal and also make sure that which season suits you best? Finally, you will fall in love with the power of belief and natural beauty surrounded by this divine place.

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