15 best budget friendly himalayan treks

India has been a part of the highlights for some of the best snow-capped mountains and lush forests in the Himalayas region. As it boasts some of the highest peaks in the entire world. Trekking into these Himalayas peaks might be interesting as popular activities are conducted in this region apart from trekking.

Kasol Package from Delhi:

Trek to Kheerganga and Tosh to get the best panoramic views of the Parvati Valley and camp under a starlit night sky. Stroll through the streets of Mini Israel of India – Kasol, lined with lively cafes with signboards written in Hebrew, serving the best Israeli cuisine. Rejuvenate your body and soul by taking a therapeutic dip in the hot springs at Manikaran. The budget of Rs 8,700/-INR.

Triund Trek:

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Triund trek is the popular one among the other tours for its captivating beauty hills which attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world located in the Dharamshala with exciting views of Dhauladhar ranges. Fascinating Kangra valley is full of beauty where the trail leads to crossing dense forests, serpent curves make it a bliss for trekkers and come under the budget of Rs 5000/-INR includes all the places to trek. 

Chopta Chandrashila Trek:

The Trek transverse to the highest Shiva temple in Uttarakhand Tungnath Chopta Chandra Shila is one of the less budget-friendly treks where one can witness more than just snow and takes you through the rigorous drill of finally best scenic views.

Dodital Trek:

Dodital Trek is known as the most popular trekking destination where you can view the whole Himalayas ranges amidst Uttarakhand. Where you can explore dense forest, lakes, and the tranquil environment as the lake is fed by natural mountain springs which act as a source to Asi Ganga and come under 10k Which is a budget-friendly option for trekkers. 

Kheerganga Trek:

Kheerganga trek offers the mesmerizing view of Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh at the end of Sylvan hills is known for its mysterious hot springs at the top of the kheerganga peak. This trek will lead you to the Rudra Nag Waterfalls and Shiva temple in the Great Himalayas which never fails to impress anyone. The Trek starts from 2500 INR for a person. 

Nag Tibba Trek:

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Nag Tibba comes starts from 5400 INR for one person and is known for its beautiful views of Mussoorie Vikas Nagar, Bandar Poonch range, and Yamuna river valley as this trek is known as a bird’s haven for nature lovers as one can spot the exotic, varied Himalayan breed design the tour. 

Tosh Valley Trek:

One of the most fertile valleys is the last hamlet in Parvati valley where one can witness the scenic beauties of green meadows. Tosh village is located 40 km from Kasol, starts from 1500 INR for a person and can be covered in two days. 

Valley of Flowers Trek:

Valley of flowers offers an exquisite view as the valley is surrounded by the flower beds and smells of the scented atmosphere. The beautiful layers of flowers in abundant grassland dotted with gurgling waterfalls and dark green mountains spread with snow across the whole walk will fascinate the trekkers as the complete package starts from 8450 INR. The tour covers the duration of 6 to 8 days with a moderate level of difficulty.

Beas Kund Trek:

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The whole trek attracts trekkers to the originating point of the Beas river to view Mt.hanuman Tibba. Seven sisters from Dhundhi campsite with vast stretches of dense emerald forests as the glaciers adorn the trek with captivating beauty is an easy trek for a beginner level and seasonal trekker’s duration of 5 days with under 8000 INR and is among the other budget-friendly outings.

Sandakphu Phalut Trek:

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Sandakphu Phalut is often termed as the sleeping buddha as this trek offers adventure enthusiasts with views of Mt Everest, Mt Makalu, Mt Kanchenjunga, and Mt Lhotse and offers an excellent time to this surreal beauty. This trek is famous among mountaineers who are looking for a short adventure.

Sainj Valley Trek:

Sainj valley inside the tremendous Himalayan national park is one of the most beautiful treks. This can be done at any time of the year, and the grasslands in this valley look like the Kashmiri trek and offer the best experience which comes under 3000 INR.

Roopkund Trek:

Roopkund Trek is often termed as SKeleton lake trek as this trail will lead you to the human skeleton on the edges of the lake, and apart from the tour, it offers steep climbs, meadows with a layer of brown and white mountains which gives a scenic view as this trek starts from 8500 INR for a person.

Indrahar Pass Trek:

The trek is filled with an abundance of green pastures, and Hindu temples. This offers attractions to tourists as this trek is known to be the best trekking place in India as the trail leads to the Dhauladhar ranges and ends at Chamba with an elevation of 14245ft. The trek for each person starts at 5800 INR.

Chandratal Trek:

The Chandratal trek offers the opportunity to witness the originating point of Chandra Tal river as the lake is 6km away from Kunzum Pass in Spiti and Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh. As the lake can satiate your thirst and the main attraction of this tel is the lake which changes its color from reddish to orange to blue and green by the end of the day.

Kuari Pass Trek:

Kuari pass trek will offer you a lifetime experience beyond imagination as unique species of avifauna are the main attraction of this trek, and one can encounter thrilling expertise which makes you pulse beat every time. The Duration of this trek is 5 to 6 days, and it is one of the best budget-friendly treks in the Himalayas.

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