Everything You Need to Know about Whatsapp Advertising

It must have occurred to you many times to receive an advertising message in your WhatsApp private chat or suddenly realize that you are a member of a group. You may think about how easy and economical WhatsApp advertising is. But for advertising on WhatsApp, you face restrictions and problems that you have to use special tools to send bulk messages on WhatsApp.

In the following, we will deal with these restrictions and solutions to cross them, and in the end, we will examine the features of the WhatsApp bulk messaging bot as a suitable tool for this task.

Why should we choose WhatsApp for advertising?

These days people pay special attention to social networks and messengers and they do much of their work with these platforms. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers and it has many users all around the world. Because of the large number of audiences that this messenger has, it is an appropriate atmosphere for advertising.

What are the restrictions on sending bulk messages on WhatsApp?

The first thing that does not allow you to send bulk messages freely and indefinitely on WhatsApp is blocking and reporting options. If WhatsApp users receive a message that they do not like or that message is bothering them, WhatsApp allows them to block and report that message and sender.

Why are reports and blocks important? If the block and report are repeated many times by different users, WhatsApp will be sensitive to the sender account and the content of the advertising message, so it may block and report that account.

As a result, as the sender of the advertising message, you need to be careful about who you want to send the message to and the text of your advertising message.

The second is the limited number of strangers you can send messages to each day. WhatsApp allows you to send messages to less than 100 strangers with each WhatsApp account. strangers are people who have not saved your number on their phone and have never chatted with you.

Who should you send the message to?

We have already mentioned that it is important to be careful in choosing the audience. If the recipient of your message is your target audience, they are less likely to ignore or report your message. Who is the target audience? A person who may become your customer because of a business relationship, interest, or need for your services and products is called the target audience.

Consider this example to understand the importance of choosing the right target audience. Suppose you are a cosmetics seller and you send your advertising message to a group of men. How likely are these people to report you? Very much! How likely is it that you will find new customers as a result of your advertising? Very low!

How to find the phone number of the target contacts to send a WhatsApp message

In today’s digital age, finding personal information is not difficult at all. You can easily find out what pages the words follow, what groups, channels, and forums they are members of, what words they search for, what their interests and tastes are, and so on.

To find the target phone number for advertising on WhatsApp, just go to your competitor’s groups or businesses close to your field of work and extract the phone numbers of all members of these groups and send them your advertisement. Using the right tool, you can do this process easily and automatically.

How should we write a promotional message text to have the most impact?

The text of your message is the first thing that the recipient sees from you and your business. Text is a message that encourages the recipient to report you or to scrutinize your site, channel, group, or Instagram page. Due to the high importance of this case, you should spend the utmost care and energy in writing the text of the message and pay attention to its meaning concept, and the feeling it conveys to the reader.

Never go to the main point without greeting. If possible, address the recipients with appropriate names and titles such as lady, gentleman, friend, etc. Your message should be formal, polite, and cordial. Use simple words and avoid difficult and specialized words. Read your message for yourself to see how you feel about it.

Introducing WhatsApp Advertising Software

You can use WhatsApp advertising software to bypass these restrictions. These software programs can extract the mobile numbers of all members of a WhatsApp group. In this case, if you choose

your target groups correctly, you will get a list of numbers of your target contacts. If you send a message to these people, you will have a better chance of being seen and you can earn the fees you paid for advertising.

In addition, to sending a text message you can also send photos and videos to your contact list (both familiar and strangers). These software programs can work with multiple WhatsApp lines and automatically change these lines before reaching the WhatsApp limit.

One of the high-quality examples of this software is the Virtual User WhatsApp Bulk Messages Sender Bot. This software has all the mentioned features: working with several WhatsApp lines, switching between several lines automatically, the ability to determine the number of messages sent with each line, extracting specifications from group members, automatically sending messages to a list of numbers, and the ability to send photos and videos.

For more information, you can refer to the site of the manufacturer of this software and check its full features:


I hope this article has cleared up the ambiguities of WhatsApp advertising. We are waiting for your questions and comments in the comments section.

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