Underfloor Heating Styrofoam: Key Information

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular in many homes and apartments. By evenly heating the floor, it provides thermal comfort across the entire room space. However, proper installation of such a heating system requires the use of suitable insulating materials. In this article, we will focus on one of the most important elements – underfloor heating styrofoam.

What is underfloor heating styrofoam?

Underfloor heating styrofoam is a special type of styrofoam designed for use under underfloor heating systems. Thanks to its insulating properties, it helps maintain warmth in the room while simultaneously protecting against energy losses.

Why is underfloor heating styrofoam so important in the underfloor heating system?

Underfloor heating styrofoam plays a key role in the entire heating system. Its main tasks are:

  1. Thermal insulation: It helps keep the heat inside the room, thereby reducing heating costs.
  2. Protection against moisture: The underfloor heating styrofoam provides an insulating layer that protects against ground moisture, which is crucial for underfloor heating.
  3. Leveling of the substrate: It acts as a leveling layer, which is essential for the proper installation of the heating system.

Choosing the right underfloor heating styrofoam

Not every styrofoam will be suitable for use in an underfloor heating system. It is essential to choose a material that meets specific quality standards and has the appropriate thickness and density. Remember, the greater the density of the styrofoam, the better its insulating properties.

Key features of good underfloor heating styrofoam

  1. Pressure resistance: Underfloor heating can be under high pressure, especially in high-traffic areas. Therefore, it is important that underfloor heating styrofoam is resistant to pressure and does not deform.
  2. High thermal insulation: Insulating properties are key to ensure the energy efficiency of the heating system.
  3. Moisture resistance: As mentioned earlier, underfloor heating styrofoam should protect against moisture to ensure the longevity of the entire system.


Choosing the right underfloor heating styrofoam is crucial for the effectiveness and efficiency of the underfloor heating system. Thanks to proper insulation, we can enjoy thermal comfort at home while saving on heating costs. Let’s remember that proper installation and using top-quality materials guarantee the long-term and hassle-free operation of such a system in our homes.

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