What kind of bedding is a dog mat

A comfortable bedding is an obligatory element of a layette for every four-legged friend. Every pooch loves taking an afternoon nap or just relaxing while lying down. A dog mat is a type of bedding that works especially well in specific situations.

If the dog spends a lot of time outdoors, be it in the garden or on the balcony, it is a good idea to have a mat available there. A break from play will be much more relaxing if the pooch has the opportunity to stretch his paws on his own bedding.

What a comfortable mat for a dog should be like

The dog mat should be adjusted directly to the size of the dog. He must be able to lie down comfortably at the withers. The filling of the mat also plays an important role. It will be perfect in the form of a thick and elastic lining. Quality of such filling is super important because this part will separate your dog from the cold ground. As a result of good quality filling, the mat will keep its original shape for a long time as well.

If the mat is to be used outside the home, it is worth paying attention to its substrate. In addition, it is also good to choose a model which can be washed in an automatic washing machine. Why? A mat kept outside is more susceptible to all kinds of dirt. Therefore, if you want to keep it clean, it is good to be able to wash it in the washing machine.

Why is it worth buying a dog mat?

A dog mat is a perfect complement to a classic bedding. It will work wherever there are no suitable conditions for a typical den. Due to its shape, the dog mat is perfect as a travel bed for a dog. This is a great choice compared to the main lair also due to it’s weight. It’s few times lighter which makes it much more travel friendly.

If you want your dog to have full sleep comfort during a holiday trip, a travel mat will be the best choice. An example of such a mat model is the CLASSIC line from Bowl&Bone Republic. It can be easily rolled up and secured with sewn snaps. What’s more, this mat also has a comfortable handle, making it extremely comfortable to move from place to place.

The presence of a familiar bed in a new, unfamiliar place gives the dog a lot of encouragement and a sense of security. This is very important because thanks to this, the dog does not feel stressed by the situation. If you often travel with your four-legged friend, the travel mat will hit the spot for you.

The travel mat will also work well when you go out to the park with your dog. Your dog will have its own place to take a nap outdoors after active play.

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