How do Bottles Come in Different Packaging Types?

Bottles are made up of different materials like glass, plastic, or metal. The glass bottles are fragile, but plastic and metal bottles are comparatively sturdy. However, there is always a chance of breakage and loss in bottles. Therefore, the bottle packing is given special attention. The bottle boxes must be strong and durable to protect them. If the packaging for bottles is made up of low-quality material, there is a chance of bursting and loss of product.

The bottles are used for numerous products. For example, there are wine bottles, water bottles, milk bottles, serum bottles, and more. Items of numerous categories are sold in bottles of variable sizes. You get beverages, drinks, juices, and even skin products in bottles. However, the type, style, and size of battles vary. Similarly, the packaging of all these different bottles is distinct. The best way to make different boxes is through personalization. The custom bottles boxes will be fitting for products.

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Methods to Package Bottles:

There are many ways to package bottles. For instance, the style, design, and methods of packaging can vary. The reason behind diversity is the variability of bottles. For example, wine bottles are entirely different from milk bottles. While the serum boxes are completely different from any other bottles. Thus, it is safe to say that the bottles are all distinct from each othesr. Here are some of the ways to make boxes for different types of bottles:

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Full Cover Boxes:

Most bottles are packaged in traditional standard boxes. These are thing elongated boxes with tuck ends. Also, these boxes cover the product entirely. You can modify these boxes through customization. For instance, you can print different text, images, and colors on these boxes. Such custom printed bottle boxes are perfect for different beverages.

Holder Boxes:

Holder boxes are common for bottles. These boxes have a handle on the top. Also, these can be made in numerous ways. You can add the handle to the standard box, or you can make bottle carry with a handle. The standard boxes will cover the boxes and give them protection. Whereas the carry boxes only have spaces to hold the bottles and a top handle. The carry boxes can allow you to move the bottles for some time. But these are not fitting for shipping and transport. However, you can give a setoff bottles in this carry to the customers.

Window Cut Boxes:

The window cut boxes are the most common method to package the bottles. The window cut packaging has a die-cut in the middle that forms a window. For bottles, sometimes the window is like an opening in the box, or it can be covered with a see-through sheet. The window allows the customer to look at the original product through the packaging. The window cuts boxes are common in many beverage or wine boxes.

Side Lid Boxes:

The side lid boxes have a lid on the side of the boxes. These can mostly stand and are made up of rigid material. The side lid boxes are used for luxury and valuable products. These have a flap on one side of the packaging that comes over the product and covers it. These boxes add worth to the product, especially if they are made up of quality material. Such quality boxes give a sophisticated appearance.

Sectional Boxes:

The sectional boxes have sections inside the box that allows bottles to be separated. The sections have cushioning effect that prevents the bottles from colliding and breaking. These boxes are useful as they can hold many bottles at a time and have a function to prevent any damage. Also, these are perfect for shipping and transport. Therefore, many sellers make sectional boxes to ship their products.

Sliding Boxes:

The sliding boxes are used for bottles that contain something valuable. The sliding boxes are used for gift wines or small serums. In these boxes, there is a cover and a container inside, and the container slides into the cover. The container has an insert that holds the bottles in its place. The sliding boxes look more attractive and add value to the product.


In conclusion, there are many types of bottles, and the packaging of these bottles vary. The bottles boxes of different types can be made through customization, whether the product is milk or wine. For example, you can make full cover boxes, sliding boxes, sectional boxes, side lid boxes, etc. Also, you can modify their packaging by adding features like a window or a handle.

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